Uranus / Saturn Square - A Collective Tarot Reading with All Reversals?!

✨Don’t panic! Reversals just offer their own helpful perspective. This is a collective reading for the week of 2/18. Share with us if it resonates for you!

✨The Empress Reversed - As a collective, we are feeling emotionally and creatively drained. You could experience this as feeling overwhelmed, tired, or “why bother.”

✨Seven of Pentacles Reversed - What can help is nurturing a feeling of satisfaction with where you are right now in your journey. It’s great that you still have more growth to do and more things to accomplish, but how can you give yourself a little grace for where you are now? Can you acknowledge yourself for the ways you’ve already grown?

✨Knight of Swords Reversed - Key word here is Patience! This card wants to charge ahead quickly, but right now we are in a “one foot in front of the other” time.

✨Intention to work with: “I am creating patience and peace in my life.”

✨If you want to try out this intention, write it down 3x in a row, once a day, for 2 weeks! Have it be fun! See if you start to find more peace and patience in your life.

✨Did this resonate with you? Are you going to use this intention, or did it inspire you to make your own?

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