Easy and Quick Tarot Spread for the Full Moon in Libra 3/28

Updated: Mar 28

Did you know that you can observe the full moon anytime 2 days before or 2 days after the moon is at its peak?

So, don't worry if you miss observing the Full Moon exactly on Sunday, March 28th. Anytime Monday and Tuesday will work just as well! I hope this spread will give you a quick and easy way to celebrate and honor the full moon and yourself.

This is our second full moon for the month and it is in Libra, a sign all about connection, justice and balance.

Because of the pandemic, having balance has been a struggle for many of us this year. I hope this tarot spread will start to give you some helpful guidance on how to create even a little bit more balance in your life.


1. What is my relationship to balance?

2. How can I create more balance?

3. What will this new balance bring me?

đź–¤ Would love to hear how this spread works for you! I'm also always available in the messenger for support. If you feel like you get an unclear or disempowering reading, do not hesitate to reach out!

Happy full moon weekend! -Skye

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