Tarot does not Predict the Future

And that's a good thing!

It does not give easy an "yes" or "no" if something will happen in the future.

It would be pretty cool if it did. But would that information really help? All you could do is wait for the future to come!

The intention of a tarot reading is for you to be empowered in your decisions and next actions.


A reading is a conversation where we discover what you really want for your life, things that could be holding you back, and new possible ways of going for what you want.



Discover how tarot will empower you to move forward with a sense of clarity 

What is a Tarot Reading like?

On a 30 minute video conversation, we talk one-on-one about whatever is going on in your life.

At a minimum, your reading will include 7 cards, and I typically pull more in order to go deeper and provide the most clarity. 

The reading is designed to give you space to reflect, gain insight, and reveal the steps you can take to positively impact your life.

After the reading, you will receive an email with a collaged photo of your cards, a recording of your session and instructions on how to use your own personal daily intention.

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