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The Fool is one of the most misunderstood tarot cards

Many people's first reaction is that the card is calling them a fool.


But, it is actually one of the most exciting cards to get in a reading! It symbolizes a new and exciting path forward.

In this workshop, you will work with The Fool to get clarity on your own journey. 


You will walk away inspired with new actions to take.


You also will go in-depth about the meaning of the Fool card and how it shows up in readings.

​This workshop is open for seasoned tarot readers as well as beginners. You do not need a tarot deck for this workshop.

Date: Monday, April 1st  @ 7pm EST

Location: Zoom

Price: $25

If you can't make this day and time, it's okay! The session will be recorded so you can watch it later.


Register below by selecting the meeting on April 1st!

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