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Create Your Future

Tarot Coach 

Skye Marinda

Tarot has the power to transform & deepen your perspective.

Combining spiritual and practical insights, tarot coaching helps you take the next steps towards the future you want.




I applied to five shows and grants since your workshop and that's a lot for me, so thanks! And I got a new whiteboard for my to do list!

 When she pulled cards for me and started describing the intense decision that I had in front of me, my jaw dropped open. She called it perfectly and then gave me the thoughts and perspective on how to proceed. That tarot reading helped me move forward from my paralysis and actually make the choice to be happy.

I had an amazing tarot reading with the lovely @skye.marind.tarot 

Everything she said was so specific and spot-on for my situation and I was able to put her advice to practice. 

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