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Skye Marinda posing with a tree

Tarot has beautifully changed my life…

Since 2020, I have given over 2,000 tarot readings and led workshops to hundreds of people from all over the world.


I love helping people who feel stuck get clarity on their path and feel empowered to do what they really want. 

Here's how it all started 

In 2016, I simply wanted to have the best Halloween ever by going to Salem, Massachusetts— a small town known for the Witch Trials of 1692.


But 2 months before my trip, my mental health wasn't doing well. I wasn’t sleeping or eating, and lived off coffee and alcohol.

Because I had already been researching tarot for my trip to Salem, inspiration struck and I set up a little self love altar in my bedroom. Each night, I lit a candle and pulled tarot cards for myself.

Immediately, I found the peace of mind I was looking for. I began to see that my life mattered and that I deserved to take care of myself.

An Instagram post of the Knight of Wands Tarot Card with Candles
A Group of Witches and Friends in a cemetary on a trip in Salem, Maassachusetts

Because of my improved mental health, I was able have an amazing trip to Salem. A local tarot reader gave a beautiful tarot reading that I still remember and hold dear. 


Fast forward to today, and I use tarot as a creative tool for self reflection and guidance. I love to connect with people over a tarot reading and talk deeply about what can empower them.

Explore more about working with me here

A Tarot Reader Giving Tarot Readings at a Spring Equinox Party in Maryland

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